Random Acts.


This project is an investigation into the possibilities of chance, working with uncontrolled and subconscious methods. These methods create elements and compositions which reflect, reveal or highlight the fundamental qualities of the surrounding environment or elements. They are used in mass production, to produce uniform systems and components which are also individually unique (analogous to a snowflake). They are a tool to represent uncontrolled use of space, creating systems for construction and design to respond to development and use absorbing and growing with change.

This cumulates in a [new] Plan for Milton Keynes. The plan develops these techniques to create methods for a period of chance development within Milton Keynes. Where traditional towns became more efficient, spacious and uniform with postwar car-biased modernist development, this period of growth will bring idiosyncrasies, densities and human scaled variations to the modernist spaces of the new town. Transferring insights and elements from the organically developed, human scaled, [and ever surprising] city of Marrakech, the chance elements are inserted into the city creating landmarks, new territories and human-scaled variation, highlighting and appeasing the cities car-bias, harsh lines and stark spaces.  






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