‘Metatron’s X Cube’


Designing by chance is an exploration into the unknown. As such,
this body of work reflects a certain confusion, a longing for some
kind of elusive logic. After the removal of meaning and personal
biases, to my mind, something must fill the ensuing cognitive
void. That thing is represented here by a God. Whether that being
is manifest as Allah – who seems to have control over every
aspect of the built environment in the Islamic world (and our site
of Marrakech) or whether the source is my own subconscious, it
seems of little importance. This dialectic relationship stems from
the ancient wisdom of the East, as studied daily in ‘I Ching, the
Book of Changes’ during semester one, or, a more western
history of designing by chance with the indeterminism of the
Dadaists, Surrealists and John Cage. Actually, there are two
beings present here, the One True God (logic) and a protagonist
(the irrational) – the conflict rages on beyond the completion of a
built form.

This project is not a design, it is a process. It is a process which I
have had very little control over, always deferring to the toss of
three coins – as I Ching demands. What emerged was a series of
randomly deformed cubes which are then dropped onto site asif
throwing building sized dice. The technology employed is driven
directly from the modus created by chance. On deployment it is a
modular, lightweight and impact resistant structure that then
captures atmospheric moisture for thermal mass and cooling. It is
a form of surprising intersections and contradictions created by a
program of unpredictable conclusion.




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