Monkey Sanctuary


Generated by chance, a new urban square is formed amidst the chaotic souks of Marrakech. The proposal is an integration between two distinctions; in respect to its programmes, it combines both Housing and Theatre, while in respect to its inhabitants, the proposal seeks an integration betwee human and monkeys. This coexistence creates an interesting and new environment for the neighbourhood, who for centuries, have negated the rights of monkeys. With their natural ability to adopt human behaviour, monkeys undergo extensive training by on-site skilled trainers. They learn
and perform ‘yoga’ which is themed around the performances.

The performance institution combines traditional and experimental methods of construction. The juxtaposition between the two methods result to an interesting, new and challenging architectural typology which the proposal sees to potentially invite international recognition.

On the whole, this experimental integration throughout the architecture ultimately allows man to reconnect to their animal instinct, re-integrating nature into their environment. This in turn, allows for a deeper connection to nature collectively, and respect to other beings, in this case, monkeys, which was once lost.





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