Designing with the Agent of Chance.


The design of the un-designed project was an outcome of accumulated process I
had while making the components, conspired with the I-Ching. The first key to
this whole process was the material, where the material would act as an Agent
of Chance itself where it would be able to take shape of any kind form that
would be molded by Chance. It was the plasters. The second key was a single
chess piece that would bind all these processes together. Works as the second
Agent of Chance, this piece was a souvenir from a skilled craftsman named
Ahmad, which his knowledge was passed down for generations. The corridors of
angled columns and the program of this project was derived from this piece.

This project is about a community that would have these traditions of
craftsmanship skills embedded into their living lifestyle, with an extension of
playing the game themselves. Divided into two parts these villagers, the crafter
and the player, of this “chess village” would have some of their daily needed
basis amenities to run through their daily lives. The layout was designed by
Chance as it dwell into the daily norm mundane of the people that use the park
(site). Most of the spaces in the layout are merely eggshells. The design basically
would let Chance flow through continuously, where people would inhabit them,
the way they prefer to.



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