The Sleeping Walls of Marrakech


Sleep, Memory, Concrete,
Inhabited, Walls, Pisè,
Hammam, Moulded, Riad

Regain the precious memories of sleep and dreaming within the
restless alleys and exhausting streets of Marrakech. Enter through a
discreet Marrakech carpet store, to a place to barter for your own space
to rest and sleep.

Among the chance directions offered by the I Ching and superior man in
the development of this chance-driven building proposal, was the
suggestion that the designer should sleep on her drawings and her
models, giving them a restless materiality – between hard and soft,
crumpled and smooth. All punctured by an alphabet, which described
human sleeping patterns, and by chance was found expressed in the
homeless, backpackers and natives who occupy Marrakech’s souks by



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