Souk Laktdim


A range of compositions, alphabets and drawing machines have been developed using found objects as materials and a number of chance based systems, which dictate the form and position of mark making. This collection of items have then been reinterpreted as building elements and inserted onto a site in Marrakech, using a similar chance based mechanism.

Located by the main square in Marrakech, the project will see the site accommodate independent skilled workers, using individual units to provide space to produce, display and sell. Two open-air theatres aimed at both tourists and locals are also formed through the arrangement of the units. The scheme enables the users to build their own unit, with the use of found materials and low technological solutions that provide a level of flexibility in design. The project aims to reflect the way that the urban fabric of Marrakech has developed through the exchange of pieces of land and parts of buildings between neighbours to accommodate their needs. Chance-based chopping and changing of the units to meet the requirements of the workers are therefore allowed for in the design of the structures.



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