The Medina Wall Art Studios and Palace Security Office


Early explorations were of material experimentation, particularly the behavioral
combination of cold plaster and hot wax, and the use of trees in the production of
drawings. These explorations have resulted in the development of techniques,
material processes and various architectural components that are applied, scaled
and distributed to help formulate an architectural proposal.

The architectural project has developed from the site as instructed by the I Ching
– building fabric, and programme. The project is generated using the existing
medina wall – replicated, multiplied, rotated, translated and extruded – according
to the I Ching, to fill the space between the dominant medina and palace walls. A
new programme is inserted and developed within the new spatial conditions
created, as can be observed elsewhere in the medina walls. Architectural
components developed are applied where required or randomly selected. An art
school and studios envelope a domed office embedded within, a covered market
continues the adjacent square, a garden with wind tower minaret produces tree
drawings for sale and use as components, new walls create a narrow derb, access
to the medina wall is reinstated and rooftops extend the nesting opportunities
for sacred storks.



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