2015/2016 Brief 06 – 3 Technical Drawings


Design Studio 15


Project 6 – 3 Technical drawings (04 December – 10 December 2015)

1) Technical Drawings

Make 3 technical drawings of your objects (which might include parts of your alphabets) at, at least, A1 (or bigger).

One of these should be of one of your best objects as installed in the studio showing how it is sited, how it is fixed and perhaps other aspects of the situation (perhaps the social situation of a crit or presentation, or a performance).

In the other two drawings, the objects should be thought of as architectural or building components, and 2 or more of them should be combined to create a small scale architectural element.

How you do this is up to you but the I Ching is always on hand to help.

The drawings should be exquisitely produced with careful consideration given to line weights, size of image and position of the drawing on the page, font and size of text etc.

The drawings should combine a mixture of traditional hard line architectural notation and your own notational systems or alphabets.

The drawings should be both highly informative in a technical sense and beautiful works of art which communicate concretely or abstractly the intrinsic qualities of your object/combinations.

Submission part 1 10 December 2015

2)  Group work.

We have had little information thus far on Peckham. Organise yourselves into the following groups:

a) History

b) Planning/ current restrictions, future proposals

c) Economics/activities (micro and macro)

d) People/ demographics, work, living

e) Detailed studies of shop layouts, means of display, character of street.

And collectively

3) Draw the site.

Divide it up and draw e.g. the plans (including stuff for sale, staff etc) of all the shops.

Submission Parts 2 and 3, 17 December 2015


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