2015/2016 Brief 03 – 3 Objects

Project 3 – 3 Objects (08 October – 15 October 2015)

Convert your 3 compositions into 3 objects. Derive your method by devising questions for how to interpret the compositions and by asking them to the I Ching. It might be the case that your objects bear a visual resemblance to the compositions or they may not. Either way we would like to understand how the compositions have been translated.

Questions to the I-Ching might determine material(s) and how they are combined, scale or size of the objects, their dimensions, proportions, surface qualities, colour, consistency, solidity, transparency, location or other attributes that you may think of yourselves. The I Ching might serve to give you a method of translation or tell you to mimic the appearance of the composition.

As well as visual qualities you might also ask the I Ching about the tactile qualities of the object, what it smells like or its acoustic properties.

Be Big. Be Bold. Be Beautiful

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