2014/2015 Brief 6 – Technical Drawings

You should all be developing your work as directed in the crits.

Alongside this, and as a way of doing it, you should do a series of technical drawings of your work.  Remember that we are seeing your work as real components, made of real things.  In some cases, they are already exploring the real capacities of various materials, in other, they may later need to be developed and remade at different scales and in different materials.

You need to produce a series of technical drawings recording, exploring, developing and explaining this.  They should be designed to be seen at a substantial size (perhaps A1 or bigger) and scale, and in detail: 1:5; 1:20; 1:1 depending upon the nature of your work.

You should start by drawing exactly what you have already made, technically recording and noting the use of masking tape, fishing wire, packing tape, square steel sections from the workshop, which form the supporting structures as well as the objects.  You should find or invent a credible technical way of representing the peculiar materials you have devised.  You should include written or drawn specification or notes: If the wool is cut at random lengths and the packing tape supports fixed and tested as developed but within a certain length, say so.  If the work can be re-assembled according to random conditions, say so, and describe what those conditions are. If an element of performance is involved, (say, dropping a curtain) you will need to find a way to draw this technically.

These drawings should be both highly technical and extremely beautiful.

You may also wish to consider whether they suggest a further sequence of drawings, relating to any scaling up in size or change in materials which you wish to explore.



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