2014/2015 Brief 02 – Prose Poem

Use the I Ching to compose a prose poem.

Use the I Ching creatively to do this: you might for instance get it to select words or phrases from an existing written source (which it identifies for you) or a series of sources; you may get it to devise a different means of selecting words; you might get it to determine line length, or set rhyme schemes and work backwards from that,you might select a poem and replace words one by one, you might arrange words alphabetically…you might ask a predetermined number of people to contribute a word each… you might reposition them on the page in a layout determined by the I Ching. There are an infinite number of ways to do this. Ask the I Ching.

Alongside this, you need to continue to work on your notational system. These should be speculative, ambitions works, powerfully determined by your use of the I Ching, speculatively developed and presented and ruthlessly recorded.

Whenever you find yourself making an assumption about your work- what it is, how you make it, how you pin it up, which way up it is… ask the I Ching.

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