2013/14 Brief 05


Over the next month (until the next crits on 28/11 with interim presentation on 14/11) you are to use the I Ching (or other chance procedures of your choice) to do three things. These can be done in any order so one can inform the others.

1. Continue to work on your alphabet.

2. Develop three program conditions or events. 

These should be at small scale, constituting a moment in time, a glance between two potential lovers, writing an office email on a handset, a fight or argument, a moment of silence, a song in the shower, a laugh between friends, an arrival or a parting, the fog entering the lobby, an incident viewed from a window, the sound of a creaking hinge or a mixture of such small events. You will determine your own (or steal these ones).

Perhaps there are some clues in your doodles, drawings, films, soundscapes, texts and objects.

3. Develop three architectural elements that are the site of, or in some way correspond to, or influence or are influenced by the programmatic elements.

Again use chance procedures but you are free to draw on your work so far. Is your doodle a landscape? your drawing a surface? your soundscape a working drawing? your film a doorway? Your alphabet a specification?


Please continue to be, absent minded, disengaged, disinterested and non judgemental.

At the same time be ambitious, inventive, skilled and beautiful.

Make, build, draw, compose, direct or do as I Ching directs.

Final proposal should be presented in plans, sections, elevations, axonometric, models (especially models – big ones), installations and so on.

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