2013/14 Brief 04



We would like you to design an “alphabet” or notational system comprising 20-30 characters. For guidance see alphabets (some illustrated below), musical notation systems and the hexagrams of the I Ching.


You may use any technique you like to develop your constituent elements – geometric compositions, chance operations, calligraphic technique, found objects, superimposition of elements, cut-ups etc or a combinations of all of these and more. It’s up to you.


Alphabets and notations are wonderful systems that, as you know from the IChing, can describe the whole world. For the moment, don’t worry what it all means, focus on developing the elements (although they could look like “letters” or hieroglyphs, they don’t necessarily have to), refining them and making them exquisitely beautiful. Consider colour, line weight, elegance of stroke, paper size and type and so on.

Present at interim crit w/c 21st Oct.


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