2013/14 Brief 01


Project 01A (23rd-30th September)

01. Get hold of a copy of ‘I Ching’ – Richard Wilhelm translation.


Online Resources: There is loads of places where you can read it online here’s a few.



PDF: If you want to download / print.


Note: I haven’t checked the faithfulness of these sources.

02. Read at least;

Foreword by CJ Jung (not in the resources above)

Appendix 1: On Consulting the Oracle

As much of Book 2 as you can get through, especially the last section called ‘The Structure of Hexagrams’.

03. Consult the Oracle;

Ask it 3 questions of your choice about anything you like, not necessarily architectural or anything you might not want to discuss in front the whole studio group.

Read up the interpretation of hexagrams given in the ‘I Ching’ Book 1, and interpret the answers it gives.

04. Listen to some John Cage and Morton Feldman (Youtube). Read up on Cage and Feldman, even if only on Wikipedia.

Project 01B (30th September)

Imagine you are stuck in a very boring meeting, which goes on for a week. Do a doodle. On a really big piece of paper – A0. No Digital. Medium – Biro (any colour). Paper may be blank or not. The drawing should be very dense and completely amazing.

I Ching consultations Thursday 26th – starting around 10am – ish

Doodle pin up Monday 30th – starting around 10am – ish

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