DS XV 2013 Awards & Press Clippings

Over the past few months, in the wake of a very successful exhibition, a trickle of awards and written exposure has started to surface from all over various publications and websites.

Amongst an exceptional number of DS 15 distinctions Jess Tettelaar produced some truly beautiful drawings and was deservedly presented with first prize in the RIBA/WCCA Jonathan and Victoria Ball Award for drawing.

Traiano 21

Judges were impressed by the intricacies of the technical drawing of Jess, which revealed a new kind of sumptuous public housing. The WCCA competition, run with the support of the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded Jess a first prize of £300 against strong competition from other London university students.

You can read more about Jess’ achievement from the University’s news pages here.


Peter Hinchliffe once again produced an outstanding body of work which resulted in a successful nomination for a RIBA silver presidents medal.

pete draft-42Watch this space and the RIBA presidents medal website to see Peter’s entry.


In its annual critique of the Westminster student exhibition, the Architects Journal highlighted DS XV as the ‘standout unit’.

“Wonderfully evocative drawings depicted how contemporary design would squeeze itself into the spaces between the classical ruins, such as Jess Tettelaar’s sketch of Trajan’s Market developed into a housing complex and Sharon Rehill’s reworked Colosseum. The models were striking, as they were based on historical structures visitors would recognise, but demonstrated how the students would overhaul these spaces.”

-Architects Journal Online, 25 July 2013



In its pick of the graduate shows this year Blueprint magazine decided to highlight one of the most prominent installations of this years space, Rosa’s huggable column. Blueprint seems to quite accurately summarise the general feedback that the column, “simultaneously repulsed and attracted” visitors.

IMG_3353 IMG_3355 IMG_3354

– Blueprint Magazine, August 2013


Darren’s highly developed Technical Studies in Practice work won the ‘Detail Magazine Architecture Student Award for Best Architecture Design Detail’ from of all the coursework in the Masters first year. Darren developed a series of in depth technical drawings for his project based in the Trajan’s Market.

H:UniDesignRomeSheetsSections Detail (1)


This year DS XV work has also started to become quite a regular occurrence on the Architectural Review’s tumblr feed too. In amongst some wonderful drawings you’ll find a few pieces of DS XV work from Conrad, HarrietMichael and Chyna.

AR tumbr

Conrad: 1 / 2

Harriet: 1

Michael: 1

Chyna: 1


Stay tuned for more DS 15 achievements and reviews as we find them.

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