Exhibition – Notes on Health & Safety

Exhibitor sTEPSHere is the exhibitor work flow diagram for the exhibition proposal submissions.

Also see the attached the University of Westminster Risk Assessment application form.

Generic Exhibition Risk Assessment – 2013 <

These processes and forms need to be adhered to in order to successfully curate and build the studios end of year exhibition.

08.06.13 Update

  1. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that is fixed to any part of the studio is to be removed without agreement of the University team (Christian)
  2. AT ALL TIMES during any work (fixing signs, painting etc) in area above doors, BOTH DOORS MUST BE KEPT LOCKED SHUT to ensure no-one walks through the doors. If this is not possible a member of your team must be stationed ONE ON EACH SIDE THROUGHOUT THE FULL DURATION OF ANY WORK to stop people walking through
  3. ANY NEW FIXING must be agreed with the University team as above
  4. ALL SPECIAL PROJECTS including any power tools, substances such as latex etc to be done IN THE UNIVERSITY WORKSHOPS and in accordance with their regulations.
  5. ANY WORK AT HIGH LEVEL e.g. PAINTING AT HIGH LEVEL  must be done IN AGREEMENT WITH AND IN THE PRESENCE OF Christian and the official Paint team,  following their procedures and as agreed with them. IF YOU CANNOT DO THIS YOU MUST NOT DO IT.
  6. ANY WORK REQUIRING A LADDER should be done by AT LEAST THREE team members to ensure stability and safety.
Guidance notes :
1. No fixing into asbestos including ceiling and behind the radiators.  Ask if in doubt.
2. Only use PAT tested electrical tools from the workshops.
3. Wherever possible pre-fabricate and pre-paint in workshop conditions. Or assembled only in studios.
4. When fixing to the partitions on the balcony, facing outwards, ensure no climbing.  Fix only at a height that can be reached from the floor.
5. Ask technicians to assist with any ceiling fixing – plan in advance.
6. Any secondary electrics  should be low voltage or RCD protected
7. Trip hazards to be avoided wherever possible.
8. Do not use nails in constructions that have to be removed later – house staff refuse to remove until be-nailed.  Either screw fix or  glue and tape.
9. Problems with paint – spillage, still wet at the opening and foul up the toilets and washbasins.  Christian has a team who will do the painting.
10. Moving stuff  –  if it is to be disposed of, to moved to store, please liaise with Nas and also make sure that it labelled i.e. Rubbish, or to store.
11.  Don’t leave anything in a fire escape or other route  – or someone else’e space.

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