Ex-DS15 workshop Friday 8th June

What’s Next? CAN Residency @ KK Outlet, Hoxton Sq. London

Workshop – Run by CAN (Mat Barnes/Eddie Blake) and Freddie Yauner with Rebecca Gregory and Emma Mcdowell

A day workshop about representing intangible economics in aesthetic form.

15 Students from a range of disciplines including architecture, visual communication, product design, fashion.

Friday 8th June 9:30am – 6pm
CAN (criticalarchitecturenetwork.com) and Freddie Yauner (freddieyauner.co.uk) invite students from a range of creative disciplines to take part in a day-long workshop tackling the task of representing the intangible statistics and repercussions of the economic crisis.

Participants will have the chance to express their viewpoints and experience of the crisis and how they think it will affect their prospects on graduating. This is an opportunity to vent frustrations, or to look at the positives of the recession through their chosen discipline.

The workshop will take the form of an initial discussion and briefing, then we’ll break off into groups/individually to produce initial ideas, followed by a pin-up/group discussion of the ideas generated. The groups will then design and produce a monument to the economic crisis based on the ideas developed earlier in the day.

If you’re interested please email Mat : mat@criticalarchitecturenetwork.com


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