Over Easter

You (should!) all by now have strong projects with a well developed idea of your architectural language, and of and how it interacts with the programme — with the way your Utopia works. 
You need now to move to a bigger scale to start developing and producing the final design proposals. 
KEEP UPDATING and developing the masterplan as you go along.  
You should KEEP WORKING on the range of work you have used so far, including plans, sections, models, scenographic models, sketches, perspectival views. 
You should all SCALE UP: we need to see PLANS AND SECTIONS much bigger. 
VIEWS of your scheme — I suggest you think about the circulation, how your key user/s would see the scheme.  You could sketch out say 20 of these quickly, select 3-5 of the most important and develop them in larger scale in more detail
PLUS keep working through models, diagrams, scenographic models as before. 
You should work BETWEEN all these means of development.  The Masterplan in particular will need adjustment and development throughout as your work progresses.
SKETCH OUT NOW what you think your final presentation should look like, make sure your work DESCRIBES the key aspects of your scheme, and that you know which are the key pieces of work so you can make sure you give yourself enough time to make them good: DO NOT LEAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES TILL LAST!  Good drawings take time to develop!.  Start focusing on producing those drawings, while remembering that the design will continue to develop as you do so — so you should be working BETWEEN al these types of representation as the project develops.
Kester and pp Sean.



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