Scenographic model

For the crits, everyone should make one new ambitious/spectacular model, setting the scene for your utopia.


The model should be seen as a scenographic model, using 2d as well as 3d representational techniques – like a stage set or a model for a stage set, which uses 3d sets as well as 2d images and trompe l’oeil to suggest objects further away.


Your model should show urban space, architectural language, material, use, occupation, views.


It should use the types of techniques you have used in your earlier models (both simple and complex geometries and architectural space and construction.


It should reference the famous scenographic images by Sebastiano Serlio (The Tragic City, the Comic City etc), and also the physical manifestation of the same ideas in Palladio/ Scamozzi’s Teatro Olimpico.  See alos images like Piero della Francesca, Aldo Rossi, di Chirico, or even Carl Laubin’s computer generated paintings for the extension of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.


It should be of a key urban space in your masterplan – an important space which shows some of the key ideas in your utopia.


These should be working models, with some of the characteristics of your models throughout the project – experimenting with form, materials, modelmaking techniques.  But  they should also be highly ambitious.  Do bits move, like a Victorian toy theatre? Should it be presented in a box, like a Joseph Cornell art work?  Etc.



are on MONDAY 19th March

and will be in two groups as usual.


Please remember that you will be presenting to important outside critics who have NOT seen any of your work before.  You should present an edited and well-chosen version of your  whole project so far, including all the highlights, but focusing on the later stages of the project.  You should bring in ALL your models – absolutely essential – and you should also have your portfolios, sketchbooks, rough work etc to hand.  We do NOT want to be asking you to talk about  work which you have left at home.

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