Next week/Models/…and up to the crit

Monday  27th February: Models workshop

On Monday, everyone should be in for an all-day workshop session with Kester.

You should all bring with you AT LEAST FIVE models exploring your design project.

As discussed, these should explore your proposals at different scales, using different model making techniques, should include and adapt some of the speculative model making techniques of your earlier work but extend it to include occupation, materiality, structure, geometrical configuration, etc etc.

At least one should include a model of the Saline. At least one should be a detail and should speculate about structure and construction. At least one should include how the space is used.  They do not have to be ‘finished’ or expensive models and can be made in whatever material or combination of materials seems useful — card, fymo, plaster of paris, chocolate… But they should all be as ambitious and well judged as your earlier models and they should use,  combine and adapt  the techniques used there for your now evolving project.

They should all be to scale.

Bring all of these in, and set them up in the studio space, along with a simple diagram describing your master plan.  Plus some tracing paper and other modelling equipment.

You should all also have with you ALL your earlier models. Your portfolio of work should also be available.

Though we need the masterplans for reference, Monday will be ALL about models.  Masterplans will not be discussed at all except in relation to these models.  So if you haven’t got any yet, get to work.

Some of you already have around three times this number of models.  If so, bring them all in.

On the Thursday 1  Mar, Sean and Kester will both be in, and will aim to see you all, either together or separately as time allows.


We will see half of you on each day as per the last two weeks.  EXCEPT that Sean will be in on Monday 5th and then Thurs 15th, so the list can be organised so that people are in on the same day each week.

Crits are on MONDAY 19th Mar.

Kester Rattenbury and Sean Griffiths

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