Zoom in, Build up, Test out

Everyone should now be exploring their masterplans in different ways, at different scales, and in different media.  Select some of the key parts of your project and zoom in, designing, developing and continuing to experiment with the forms, materials, spaces and with the way the buildings are organised and work.  Who lives where? what are the flats like, or houses?  how are they made? How do they work?  How to they relate to the buildings around them?
Constantly test your ideas by working in new media and at different scales.  Sketch your way through your project, imagining how people will use it and what the spaces are like. Select key portions (a house? or flat? a central building?  A bit of landscape? the monument?) and make models of them, adapting the forms and techniques and components of your earlier models to develop spatial conditions for use by your utopians as part of your own architectural language.  Work speculatively and in detail, testing and adjusting your ideas and developing your design in some key areas.
Kester Rattenbury and Sean Griffiths

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