Feedback from Kester

Dear all,

Great to see the work developing so well at the crit. Everyone I saw seemed to have a potentially very interesting project. There were however some things I thought I should flag up at this very important stage in the work.

Basically, you’re now half way through the year — the next term shoots by, with a semester break in the middle and then you are into bank holidays and easter, with hand in immediately afterwards.

You wont believe how quickly this goes.

You need to change gear NOW and start working on the big, ambitious bits of the scheme, at much bigger scale, and with the final drawings and models you’ll be working on for the whole of the rest of the year.

where are your site photos? your drawings you did on site? Most people didnt include any site informaion of any kind.  This is an extraordinary site, and your audience needto see it — and so do you!

Start showing the project IN CONTEXT, as this immediately make you think of and show the project as a ‘real’ proposal.

I also heard almost nothing about how you were planning to use the existing buildings.

You have a site and a programme, get on with it!

I saw no really ambitious drawings/ models, though lots of things that could become that if worked up.

You will need to start working on your ‘killer’ drawings NOW as they take months to do.

Look at the Ledoux drawings or other really ambitious world view drawings (try the book Exit Utopia for ideas) and shamelessly steal those techniques to show BOTH your monument AND your masterplan. You will keep working on these drawings through the rest of the (all too short) remaining time.

I couldnt have told from anything I saw what your Utopias were — or what your monuments were monuments to, or for.  Or what they were made of, how big they were, where they were.  Use your drawings (see above) to explore these questions.

You need to CHANGE GEAR now! Up the production, quality, ambition and decisionmaking

Looking forward to seeing it


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