DS 15 Brief 7 – Masterplan.

The next part of the project is to develop a masterplan for your Utopian community using the land adjacent to the Saline Royale as your site.

The site has been selected because of its Utopian credentials and its powerful geometrical properties. We want you to respond to these conditions, armed with the approaches to geometric composition and utopian ideas that you have developed thus far.

This means using the compositional techniques from earlier exercises to relate to the site and to integrate and further develop your schedule of accommodation as part of the masterplanning process.

You need to work simultaneously on practical and conceptual issues. Practical issues you will need to consider include:

• Arrangement of the schedule of accommodation on site.

• Dealing with pedestrian and vehicular routes inc any parking

• Building massing/layouts/heights

• Energy supply

• Land use – housing, agriculture, commercial, industrial, leisure, administrative, ceremonial/religious , cultural, education etc. Conceptual issues will include:

• Expression of hierarchies (or non-hierarchies).

• Relationship between uses (between living and working for example)

• Relationship to the Saline and response to its use and geometry.

• Development of formal and symbolic languages.

• Evolution of your utopian programme through design.

We imagine your project will be adjacent to the Saline, but that does not preclude intervening into it, annexing it into your utopia, or changing its use. You might also decide to leave it as it is and retain its present day use as a heritage monument with museum and accommodation etc.

This part of the project will commence with a group workshop starting at 10.00 am on Monday 21st November. This will be in the morning. In the afternoon we will review monuments.

There is a crit scheduled for Monday 28th November. For this you should have a completed monument, a schedule of accommodation and your first masterplan studies which show its concept and practical layout in drawings and models.

Please note, this is NOT your final masterplan proposal, but your first attempt at it.

Sean Griffiths Camilla Wilkinson.

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