Brief 5 Monument & Schedule of Accommodation

DS 15 Excavating Utopia, Brief 5

Part 1 – Utopia

You all need to think a little more about your Utopia. At base, a Utopia aims to make life better by addressing present day problems. What is the problem you are addressing? How does your Utopia attempt to address it?

How is your Utopia organized?
How does it operate economically?
What are its key ideologies?
What are its power structures?

As a result of thinking about these things, we want you to develop an outline programme for your
Utopia (imagine it is for 200-500 people)

What do people do there?
Where and how do they live?
Where and how do they work?
What do they do for leisure?
How are children brought up and educated?
What cultural activities happen?
What institutional facilities are required?
What types of buildings and spaces will be needed?
How big will they need to be?

These are the issues the diagrams you have been asked to do need to address as straight forwardly as possible.  The diagrams should also be accompanied by a detailed schedule of accommodation.

Part 2 – Monumental Object

You have been making two types of geometrical studies; one looking at the generation of complexity through the manipulation of various types of symmetry, and one through the study of relationships between simpler geometrical shapes.

Using the techniques so far developed (including, if appropriate, work you have already done) you are to design a monumental architectural object representing your Utopia.  This might take the form of a monument, a gateway or a pavilion.

The object is to be developed in 2 and 3 dimensions and should be presented with beautifully drawn plans, sections, elevations and axonometric.  You are also required to make a model.

As always attention is to be paid to issues of scale, size of drawing in relation to paper, size and shape of paper, line weight and so on.

It will help to look at some architectural drawings (Ledoux’s own drawings for instance).

Project to complete Thursday 10th November 2011.

Sean Griffiths

Camilla Wilkinson.

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