Brief 1 – 100 Utopias

Working in 4 groups, we would like you to study the books listed below. (learning to skim read will help)

For Thursday afternoon of the 29th of September, in your groups, we would like you to invent and present 100 ideas for Utopias.  These should be quick sketch annotated diagrams.  These are one idea drawings.  We suggest you take a format such as a postcard and work in your groups to develop your ideas.  As individuals, pick your 3 favourite Utopias and work them up into more developed diagrams. 

We will review the developed diagrams on Monday the 3rd of October.

Using the studio space to work in groups proves to be most successful.


The Faber Book of Utopia’s – John Carey

Militant Modernism – Owen Hatherley

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux – Anthony Vidler

Exit Utopia – Martin Van Schaick, Otta Kar Macel

Situationist City – Simon Saddler

Arcadia for All – Dennis Hardy, Colin Ward

News from Nowhere – William Morris

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