Riviera Hotel: Final Exhibition

From 18.00 on Thursday 16th June 2011, Design Studio 15’s work will be on show as part of  OPEN 2011, the Department of Architecture’s  end-of-year show at the University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS.

This year’s work took a detour into the world on narratives in literature and film, starting by asking the students to explore the narrative structures and imagined spaces of books ranging from Against Nature and Naked Lunch to Mansfield Park.  Further experimental work included a series of simple, precise geometrical studies as exercises in compositions; and considering how to read them as part of an architectural narrative themselves; animations of these sequences, studies of films on hotels like The Shining and Lost in Translation, and finally, the development of a ‘narrative’ design for a new hotel.

The site for the project was the listed 1930s Riviera Hotel at Bowleaze Cove outside Weymouth, which is currently closed for refurbishment prior to the 2012 Olympic Sailing Event, and has strong narratives of its own: dilapidated seaside heritage; the strange restrictions and problems of listing; the curious world of the low budget seaside holiday….

Students’ work ranged from the speculative and extreme to the sensitive and environmental; from the surreal to Seaside-brutalism meets seaside kitsch; with projects including a holiday park fusing 18th centural landscape sensibilities of Jane Austen with the latterday romances of match.com (Mat Barnes); a delicate study of fractional shifts in colour in a hotel designed for those with synesthesia (Ellie Campbell); a powerful narrative/stage set exploration of a hotel designed for a single couple (Adam Carter); a fusion of the surreal with the tropes of seaside design (Emma Brown) and a fantastic holiday park of powerful geometries, brutalism fomrs and crazy-golf language (Henrietta Griffiths), amongst many others.

The preview is from 6-9 on Thursday 16th June and  is then open daily from 17 June till 18th July, 9am-9pm.

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