Brief 13: Run up to Interim Crit: Work needed


The clock is now ticking and you need to be aware of the pressure on timings for the rest of your project.  The interim crit is in less than two weeks; the following week we will have our environmental workshop. The week after that will be the end of term. There are no tutorials over Easter, and then a Bank Holiday, so design teaching starts again on May 5, with Tech/Strat report hand-ins on 10 May and Final Crits on 19 May.

So you all have a huge amount of work to do to have a well-expressed and well developed design proposal  for the Interim Crit. You need to absolutely brainstorm this design NOW. This is your LAST CHANCE to get your projects working.

You should be developing your projects through different forms of representation; always testing your ideas in many different ways.  We expect you all to have:

– Your movie, describing the narrative/idea of your hotel (your original movie may need updating)

-A series of study models of parts of your hotel at different scales: one showing site strategy/massing; some showing key elements/rooms/spaces; some exploring materiality.  Think about key ideas like occupation, use, furnishing, appearance etc as identified in your movie etc and include these in the models.

– A drawing explaining your site strategy

A VERY IMPORTANT NEW combination drawing which combines techniques used in ‘structural’ diagrams of early novels and films; your ‘organagram’; your ‘illustrations’ and your plans/sections.

This drawing should describe the ‘narrative structure’ of the hotel’. It should thread together your generating ‘narratives’ with the fundamental working of the hotels and needs imaginative, critical and well-informed development.  It should for instance explain how and where guests arrive and what the reception is like; it should set out the relationship between the main rooms — bar, dining room, lounge etc —and what they are like; it should establish where the room are and how guests get there.  It MUST lay out the SERVICING elements — the staff areas of the hotel and how the guest/staff areas interact — we have been discussing this as the crucial architectural component for weeks and have as yet seen no evidence of anyone tackling it!  It should contain the ‘narrative’ sequences, elements or  spaces, and itself form a ‘narrative of the hotel.  It should also contain fragments of detailed plans and sections.

Plans and sections
You should at the same time be working to locate/size/ establish this proposal as scaled PLANS AND SECTIONS on the site.  We are not expecting these to be complete, but we expect parts of them to be detailed and expressive, and they should certainly set out ALL the key areas of the hotel; and know HOW BIG those elements should be.  Again we have seen no sight of this yet. Some parts should be detailed and worked out; where you have ideas in your sketchbooks you MUST transfer them into these drawings and work them out to scale.  Where you have not, you need some!

Think: What are the essential functions of any hotel?  Check AJ metric Handbook, Neufert’s architectural data, plans of precedents — find ones relevant to your project.  What are the key spaces and have you included them all? Car park? Reception? Managers office? Security? Staff room? Staff accommodation? Kitchens? Cold Stores? Laundry room? Cleaning cupboards? Pool maintenance? Bar? Cafe? Restaurants? How many? How big? What kind? How many rooms does your hotel have and how big a restaurant/bar/etc do you need? Spa? Business suites? Conference rooms? Banquetting suites? And how does all this relate to your narrative, your books, your films, your ideas of the site?

Think: what are they key/best bits of your project and where do they appear/ how are they used in your proposal?  Narrative? Sequencing? Organisational structure? Crazy spaces? ‘meaningful’ details? patterns of circulation? Geometry — and how do you apply it?  At what scale? Physically? A circulations?  as form? as detail? as pattern? as spatial sequence?  What about the site? What about the statics, landscape, beach, cliff erosion, flood possibilities,  What is your attitude to the existing hotel? To the conservation strategy? To the Olympics? to the ‘environmental’ questions? To the exposed position? What might the structure be? The materials?

You should know the answer to ALL of these questions by the interim crit!

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