Brief 12: Models

This week you should be continuing to develop your hotel proposal, using and combining the tactics used in diagrams, films, plans, sketches etc.

This week in particular we want you all to be making models exploring your proposal. These should be both ambitious, experimental and precise; combining some of the tactics used in your geometrical models and studies with specific ideas about the hotel interiors, qulaities and ‘programme’ of uses, and the existing hotel and site.

You should set out to make at least five models exploring and developing your proposal for next Thursday. These should be at a range of different scales, from the scale of the site model to detailed fragments of the hotel. They may be simple, complex, exquisite, ‘sketch’; they may combine several different types of model, but they should all attempt to be both experimental — exploring the composition as you did in your geometrical work — and precise: including uses, materiality; specific views, conditions etc.

They should be, above all, ambitious design tools, finding ways to describe, test or play with the kinds of conditions you are describing in words: views, luxury, precision, shabbiness, ‘mirroring’, surrealism, optical effects….etc etc. Think about what you are trying to describe; what kind of model or material/s would help yo to do that — and allow the models themselves to develop your ideas by appreciating, intensifying, rethinking etc what they are like as objects as well as as representations of imaginary spaces and conditions.

We would like to see your first five attempts at these models on Thursday.

Kester Rattenbury
Camilla Wilkinson

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