Project 11: Movie development

This week, you should all be continuing to work on your film, storyboard and organagram (?) or structural diagram as a way of developing your hotel proposal. Everyone had made a good start on the movie but it is not yet doing what it could to develop/speculate about/imagine what the hotel might be like.  Keep your earlier version, but adapt/develop/refine it based on the feedback from the screening.

Alongside this, and as part of your thinking, explore the layout/structural diagram of your hotel.  Use the techniques developed for describing books and films: think how things are organised and what spatial/sensory/imaginative conditions they have.  Draw both accurately and in detail and experimentally: mix your techniques to explore ideas as fully as possible. Use this to start developing fragments of your hotel, as drawings, details, models.

There will be tutorials on this on Monday with Kester and on Thursday afternoon with Kester and Camilla.  On Thursday MORNING we would like to see the updated group work re-presented.

Kester Rattenbury/ Camilla Wilkinson

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