Brief 6

Thus far you have been asked to undertake a number of research based projects. These comprise:

  • Literary map
  • Illustration from scene in a book in a style appropriate to the narrative qualities of the book.
  • Draw 100 lines on 100 pieces of paper and use this to develop the potential expressive qualities of this technique.
  • Make a short experimental film using the 100 lines and use this to develop expressive qualities.
  • Make 2D drawings using simple geometries to further explore means of expression using minimal means.
  • Develop the geometrical drawings into 3D constellations.
  • Use the 2D & 3D drawings as the basis for making models of architectural components/elements that might be interpreted at a number of different scales.

All of these elements of the project need to be completed satisfactorily. If you have not yet completed all of them, your next task is to do so by 11.11.10

The aim of this years project is to explore the relationship between architecture and literary narrative. This is now to be further progressed through a concurrent exploration of architectural form (at different scales) and programme (narrative).

You are to continue to develop all of the work listed above. The films you made in Brief 4 are to become the basis of a narrative, which will form the basis of the programme for the hotel project. It is important the film is sufficiently developed to enable you to do this. If it is not, then work on the film some more.

Once the film is complete, we want you to write retroactively a script or narrative derived from the film by 25.11.10.  (There will be a brief for Paris)  The film will have expressive qualities of tension, compression, calm, excitement, movement, direction etc. These qualities should inform your narrative and form a base upon which a literary structure can be built. The basis of your narrative can be of your choosing – a murder mystery, a love story, a quest, a life story. Using what you have learnt from your studies of literary structure, create your own structure to inform the narrative derived from the film. Draw your structure as a diagram in the same way as you drew the diagram of your book.

The functional programme of this years project will be a hotel. In thinking about the narrative structure that will form the basis of your programme we would recommend that you watch at least 3 of the following films:

  • Last Year in Marienbad – Alain Renais
  • The Shining – Stanley Kubrick
  • Mystery Train – Jim Jarmusch
  • Lost in Translation – Sophia Coppella
  • Barton Fink – Ethan and Joel Coen
  • Carry On Abroad – Gerald Thomas
  • Hotel New Hampshire – Tony Richardson
  • The Night Porter – Liliana Cavani
  • Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock
  • Casino Royale – Martin Campbell
  • A Room with a View – James Ivory
  • Death in Venice – Luchino Visconti
  • Don’t Look Now – Nicolas Roeg

Make Nabakov-style narrative maps of 3 of the films in order to help you understand structure.

So to summarise: the outcomes of this stage of the project are as follows:

  • Completion of all previous tasks.
  • Narrative map sketches of 3 of the films you have watched listed above.
  • Short scripts developed from the film.
  • Literary Map of your new narrative.
  • Develop geometric work into 3D constellations and models representing architectural components at different scales.

All to completed by Crit on 2nd of December

Sean Griffiths

Camilla Wilkinson

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