Brief 5

04.11.10 Note:  the most interesting projects are those where you take 2 or 3 simple shapes and take them through the studies, listed below, in relation to each other.  You can try making the 2 or 3 shapes work as hard as possible using geometry rather than building up lots of shapes and patterns.  You can start developing models for next Thursday but note the second part of this brief regarding 3d elements and quality of drawing.   Sean will issue the next brief shortly.

Take between one and three simple shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, nothing too complicated please).

1. Make a series of studies of combinations of these shapes exploring intersections, adjacencies, superimpositions and juxtapositions in 2 dimensions. You might also looked at different types of symmetry such as:
Reflective, Translatory, Glide, Wallpaper, Spiral and Fractal.
Please note, rather than patterns, we are looking for complex objects and constellations which exhibit conditions of stasis, dynamism, tension, compression, comfort, dislocation and disturbance. We are looking for these to be considered and controlled (no parametric extravaganzas please).

2. When you have a series of studies with which you are satisfied, develop the best of them through drawings into three dimensional elements which you will later make models of.
Final studies should be beautifully drawn with consideration given to scale, paper size, shape and position.

Architecture and Geometry in the Age of the Baroque – George Hersey.
(in particular chapters 4, 5, 7 & 8)
The Projective Cast, Architecture and its Three Geometries – Robin Evans.

Sean Griffiths
Camilla Wilkinson

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