Brief 2

DS15 – Architecture in Real Time

Brief 2

You have been asked to identify a passage in the book you have been allocated that describes a place, room, or environment.

Your next task is to make a drawing of the space described. However, the method of drawing needs to be given careful consideration as we want the method or style of the drawing to be analogous to the method and style of the writing.

How is the space described in the book?  Is the description forensic or poetic? Are literary devices such as metaphor employed? What would be an appropriate drawing style? Cartoon? Woodcut? Incredibly detailed etching? Diagram? Atmospheric render?

Should the drawing focus on the whole space or just a pertinent detail? Should it depict characters? The thoughts of characters? Should it be labelled?

What shape should the drawing be? If it’s A1, why? How should the composition relate to the frame of the image?

It might help to think about how a film maker might depict such a scene.

Experiment with a few different techniques, styles, shapes, media, compositions and bring these in for discussion on Monday 4th Oct.



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