Project ‘presentation storyboard/drawing programme’ Monday 19th April

This Monday we want to help you plan out your time on the rest of the projects and decide what drawings, models etc you will need; and which will require the most time.
Can you please put together and print a story board sheet (A3
smallest) of the work you will present at your final crit.  We would
like you to base the presentation on the area you had for your last
crit – but expand it to show your ideal view of your final in-up.

Can you work out which key drawings you have complete from the
last term that you will need to show and drawings that you need to do
to explain your project best.  You will need to work out the scale of
the drawings you need to do and sketch out so that you understand
approximately how they will appear.

Al this includes models, images of which should be included!

In particular we are looking for you to identify the drawings or models which will be the key spectacular images and to start roughing these out and working on these.
You can use thumbnail images of completed or partially completed
drawings for your storyboard.

This will help you understand what drawings and models you need to do,
and programme your time in order that you have time to complete them.

Look forward to seeing you next week

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