CRITS Plans and Sections

For the crit, everyone should have their project drawn up, plans and sections, at 1:200.  These drawings should ALL show CONTEXT and EXHIBITS drawn to scale The Sections should cut through both entrance and exit, so showing how visitors will enter/leave the building and should show what materials/construction you are thinking of using.  The Plans must show how visitors circulate through the museum and must include your full programme eg store, offices, restoration workshops, education areas, auditorium, temporary gallery, permanent collection, shop, loos, cloakrooms, ticket office etc etc.


You are showing your work to a panel including people who have not seen ANY of this year’s work before. Your pin-up should tell the WHOLE story of the project so far, including edited highlights showing the process and ALL the best work.  Even those who have seen it before (like us!) will need visual reminders of key early stages of the project; and may well be able to suggest ways of pulling the different excercises together to help develop the whole project in a way no-one has yet though of.  That’s what crits are for, so dont waste the opportunity by leaving work behind because you thing its too old/ irrelevant.

Check through all the stages of the work. Have you got:

100 objects?

100 museums?

Your best and most interesting patterns(even the ones you’re not using yet?)

Your reflection machines?

Fragments of buildings — especially MODELS?

Site information – photos, drawings, things showing the history of the site?

Information showing your take on the DDR and how you will

Your key exhibits?

Your three models at different scales? Do they include exhibits, context?

Do your plans/ sectionsshow the full programme of the museum (see above: store, cafe, gallery, education rooms, shop, etc etc?

Do they show circulation – how people use the gallery?

Do they show exhibits?

Do you have a model (however simple) showing how your building will sit on the fantastic site model?

Have you prepared what you are going to say?  As well as the people who showed us their powerpoints?

Do you have ALL your work with you — your full portfolio from last semester and development work since — so that you can refer to it if it comes up in discussion?

Does your work look fantastic?  Does it read well?  is it the right size? is it pinned in the right order?  If at all possible, pin up on Weds to check

Remember to bring in all your models, reflection machines etc etc.(always go down well in crits).

For those of you who missed it: both groups will be in the BRIDGE GALLERY unless unforseen problems arise) on the 1st floor, with the model dividing the two groups.  On this occasion we will have Dip 1s at the near end (nearer to the stairwell) and Dip 2s at the far end (nearer to the Students Union etc)

As far as possible with new groups I’ve reversed the order so if you were early last time you are late this time. The last people in the morning may end up being the first people in the afternoon. You can arrange swaps internally but stick to the Dip2/Dip 1 groups.

Dip 2:Morning: Sian; Sonia; Manish; Olly; Dan; Afternoon: Demi; Ed; Grace; George; Alison. Dip 1: Morning: Vicky; Martyna; Matt; Natalia; Jackie; Afternoon: Adam; Preet; Ellie; Alex (J); Alex (R).

Please PIN UP well in advance so we can start asap.  The whole morning group should be pinned up to start before 10; the whole afternoon group ditto for 2.  If you are not pinned up by that time, you may not be seen.

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