Semester two project one: More models

For next Monday, you should make (at least)three models of parts of your project.

* One should be at the scale of the whole building and be shown on site. (however roughly)

* One should be at the scale of an exhibit and/or structural element; ie it should explore how one exhibit relates to the space in which it is shown

* One should be a component — eg a bit of tiling, wall, structure etc.

These models should be the same sort of thing as the better examples of earlier models.  The should follow up on techniques and ideas of earlier stages of work: the patterns, the reflection machines, the 100 museums.  Like them, they should be experimental, using a range of different techniques and materials: casting, laser-cutting, hand-cutting, carving, etc etc.  Like them, you may find that things which you conceived of as plan work better as a window detail, or a perspective, or a section, or a bit of facade, or a tiling system.  Be critical and flexible.

However at this stage you do already have a brief, ideas for layout, ideas for display etc. you should develop and test these models to scale, as things which have a structure and materiality which can become realistic. Show them on site, to scale, in mixed media, attempt to sketch the results as fragments of plan, section etc.

Pin up: Next monday 22 from 10-5

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