Programme/ next semester

Your sketch design as shown in your portfolio should by now be fairly well advanced.  You should be able to incorporate aspects of all of the work you have done so far and develop AT LEAST an outline plan and section, parts of elevation/ views; circulation strategy; display strategy.  This is NOT a different stage of work, it is the ongoing development of work you have been doing all year; from your 100 objects, your 100 museums, your reflection machines, your building fragments, your models, your site studies, your site strategies, your ideas on how to display materials.  EVERYONE has rich materialon this in your portfolios; make sure you use it fully, ambitiously and confidently to present an impressive and intriguing view of how your project is developing.
As a final component, you should have though of and included the basic elements of the museum in your evolving planning and design of your proposal.  Most of your museums are conventional (if peculiar) buildings and will be of a similiar size and scale and have similar amenities to its neighbours on museum island.  Make sure you show that you are thinking about things like:
Where is the entrance?  Ticket office? Cloakroom/ lockers?  where are the stairs and lifts?  Where are the main galleries/ museum spaces?  How does the circulation work?  Where are the lifts, staircases etc?  Where are the staffrooms and staff amenities?  Where are the storage areas and how big are they compared to the rest of the museum? Where are the education rooms, auditoriums etc? Conference rooms?  Where is/ are the cafes and restaurants?  Where is the shop?
You can use directly other examples of museums to get ideas for this and adapt them to your own site strategy, curatorial ideas, developing fragments or plan strategies etc etc. Some of you have highly specific ideas which will differ from these models, but  you will still need to provide these amenities in some form.
Check you have used and developed all parts of the project so far.  In particular, it seems that many people are ignoring absolutely key components like the group Site work (critical to this project) the models( the main part of how the ongoing work will develop) and even the 100 museums (an extremely valuable piece of work, showing detailed ideas clearly and fast which can readily be used to explain the later stages of the project) and the 100 objects ( showing the variety of effect acheieved by how objects are collected and presented)
Use ALL the tools at your disposal
THIS THURSDAY is Sean’s last day teaching though we have written out crit dates in his diary (twice) From next Semester, Camilla will be teaching.  HER TEACHING DAY WILL BE MONDAY WHICH MEANS THE MAIN TEACHING DAY WILL CHANGE. I’m afraid it was impossible to change this as she is already teaching in degree on Thursdays
Please all note: we will start having bookable teaching times and willing any case not see anyone who turns up after 3pm.  There’s a big tendency at the moment for a glut of people to turn up at 4 or later; this is unfair on everyone, and specially us! Camilla will in any case have to leave promptly at 5 every day and we will run times so that we stop work at that time.

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