At the same time as working to develop your projects, you should all be thinking about how to put your work together in the portfolio, and from next Monday on we want to see your work in portfolio form.

Start thinking about how you put your work together in such a way that it tells the story of your project clearly and shows off your work to best advantage.  Simple formats which are easy for the viewer to read are almost always the best; we should be more interested in the work than the way it’s packaged.  But it takes time to make sure you have included all the right work, printed it at the most effective scale, edited it so that it makes sense, labelled it — minimally but well — and included all the drawings to need. Remember this will be marked withou you being there, and cross marked without your tutors being there, so the wok must be self-explanatory as well as spectacular.

Start bringing your proposed folios in next week.  If you are not sure how to do this, we happy to look at work in A3 or A4 reduction or as sketch-storyboard to start with, but you will soon need to be bringing the real thing in.

The portfolio submission should contain a coherent and fairly developed proposal for your building.  It will not be finalised and some bits will be more developed than others; some work will still be speculative, and should be beginning to be extremely ambitious in some areas, pulling together and developing the best fragments of your earlier work.  It is work in progress. Nonetheless it should be presented so that it is coherent to a viewer who has never seen the work before!

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