Project no 6: Site visit: Berlin

Working in groups, you should prepare so that you can take advantage of whatever time you are able to spend in Berlin.  You should organise your research in your groups so that you don’t duplicate work, but can share information between you.  Each group will also be responsible for providing information / organising visits for the whole group. 

There are inevitably areas of overlap here, and you should collaborate with other groups to make sure you make the best use of time. With those of you who are in on Monday (which should included as many people as possible from each group) we will meet to discuss this and develop a timetable for your visit.

Group allocation is as follows:

Group A – Alison, Alex, Alex and Adam

The site, which is the site of the (now demolished) Volkspalast.  You need information on the history of the site, plans, current and at various stages in history, on the building itself, on the former palace which stood on the site, and previous plans for the area (Schinkel etc) There may be overlaps with other groups eg DDR, Museum Island etc. Negotiate!

Group D/E- Dan, Demi, Ed, Ellie, Emma

Museums – especially Museum Island but also a selection of museums elsewhere.  You’ll be organising the visits to key museums as well as giving general information on other museums people mike like to visit, and obviously the wider research you can do, the better.  There may be overlaps with building group and site group- negotiate! But you should organise the Chipperfield museum visit

Group G+  Grace, George, Preet. Jackie

Urban history of Berlin  — maps showing the urban history would be helpful, and basically, we want the development of the city—up to date, so including what happened post-reunification; so including looking at areas like Prenzlauerberg and Potsdamerplatz which have changed radically in the last few years.  Negotiate with DDR group on who does what there…

Group M+ Manish, Martyna, Matt, Natalia, Olly

History of the DDR. As extensive research as you can manage to make sure we are reasonably well informed and that we get to see some of the key sites, areas, etc etc  A good tour would be helpful  (I think some are available, but you may need to add your own visits to key buildings or areas eg Fernseherturm etc. There are also many museums (DDR, Checkpoint Charlie etc etc), ostalia shops and bars – wide

Group S/V Sian, Sonia, Vicky, Vic

Other buildings – a bit of negotiation with other groups because there are many sites and great buildings to see in Berlin.  But of particular interest geometrically are Scharoun’s Philharmonie and Bibliotek (part of an uncompleted masterplan)  which it is ESSENTIAL that we visit and know something of the geometry underlying it.  I think there are tours; sort this out.  Mies Neue Nationalgalerie, and Libeskind’s Extension of the Berlin Museum with the Jewish Museum.  All three need a visit and some information and though about the different ways of using geometries which lie behind them.


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