Project 5: Lots of models/Interim Crits

Everyone now has some great examples of pattern work and some tentative steps about how they might be re-interpreted as fragments of architecture.  You should all continue to develop these techniques: developing the ideas you are exploring (as directed in your most recent presentations) and in most cases continuing to create, re-interpret, develop and re-thing new ones.

At all times, keep  your mind open:  patterns you have developed as a column may work best as a plan.  patterns you though were a plan may work best as a city.  Your patterns may work better than the more conventional ideas you are trying to apply to them.  Systems or tactics  you have invented which which were not directly part of the brief may need exploring.  Try re-naming and re-reading drawings in a number of different ways.  Ask your friends and coleagues what they think your drawings look like.  Try Skype tutorials with each other if you’re not working in the same place.

At the same time, start making models of these spaces/plans/objects/patterns.  Use a wide range of modelling techniques: card, paper, clay, casting, carving etc as well as 3d printing/ lasercutting.  Try the same thing in more than one way.  Your objects/ spaces/ structures/patterns will inevitably change as the medium changes.  Exploit this to the full.  Allow the new techniques to inform how you develop the models.  They do not have to match the original drawing.  Nothing is fixed yet; you are generating techniques and tactics rather than making a fixed design.

In all cases – drawings and models – think about the item as a presentation piece: make it as beautifully as you can whether it’s a quick sketch/plasticine model or the most highly crafted and finished piece.  Think how you present /frame/crop/ lay it out ; think about scale and form, material and printing etc.

For the crit: you should present a well chosen and well put together version of ALL your work:  the 100 objects; the 500 museums, the patterns, the drawn and modelled fragments of buildings.  There are supposed to be ideas, aspects etc from the early stages which will help you develop your work now – and vice versa!

Unless you hear otherwise, assume the following: Pin up in your groups, and we will run the sessions group by group in alphabetical order.  Check with Susanna’s group to see if they will be using their space on Thursday; if not ask if we can use it, in which case we can use all three spaces.  Delegate George to do this; or she can pick someone else to do it for her.

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