Project 4: Five Fragments of Museums

Using the patternmaking techniques you are starting to develop, reinterpret five separate fragments of museums taken from your 100 Museums study.


These fragments should include things like:

A façade or fragment of façade;

A masterplan or city plan;

An interior space;

A detail relating specifically to the display or mtairal eg a display case or means of displaying object or objects;

A structural element


You can use the patterns that you have already started to develop, but as advised in the pin-up session, you should all be working to develop more patterns – a wider range of patterns, often using different objects and different techniques — which you can then re-read and develop further to make these five fragments of museum.


Your museums should inevitably change as you start to apply these patternmaking techniques. Both patterns and museums should develop and change!  For instance, the urban plan of the Forbidden City ; the portico of the British Museum or the display of tombstones hanging from the ceiling may change format and take on new and different qualities when re-worked using these tactics of symmetries.  Remember that you can use the simplest as well as the most complex of the ideas you have been experimenting with; and the tactics being developed in the reflection machines too.


Presentation: Five beautiful drawings; Thurs Nov 5th

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