Ostalgia: 2009-10

This year studio 15 continues its counterblast explorations of modern geometry — largely ignoring the world of scripting, algorithms and intense form-making and heading straight for the Baroque, the Gothic, (maybe) extravagant decoration and looking at how to combine wild experiments with old fashioned skills like relatively sensible and beautiful plans. We’ll be trying to develop a type of architecture which doesn’t yet exist.

This year we’ll be visiting Berlin, looking at its unique urban history – right up to the current ‘Ostalgia’ for the vanished DDR – and as a city of museums – from the Neue Nationalgarie to the museum of Hairdressing and the Museum of the DDR. We’ll also be making up a lot of amazing patterns, and finding a whole range of sensible (and not so sensible) ways of using them. You’ll be using lots of techniques – manual and digital – from sketching, modelmaking, all kinds of digital programs and moviemaking.  We push you to challenge your own preconceptions, but we want you to develop your own distinctive, critical and individual approach. And to come out with some great buildings at the end.


Staff: Sean Griffiths (director, FAT) Camilla Wilkinson (architect, artist) Kester Rattenbury (writer, critic), with expert geometrical assistance from Westminsters digital wizard Richard Difford.

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