Corkscrew Modernism (Hotel and Market, Liverpool)

The long thin lines of the early drawings develops in a surprising range of ways: a whole car crash movie; then a Modernist or Fractal Expressionist versions of corkscrew patterns. Then a series of perverse structural experiments – fragile metal stairs, sprayed shell structures, elaborate, Latin-American twisted and mirrored structural umbrellas – are edited into the most dramatic of lap pools on the Crystal Palace’s old terraces. Recomposing these experiments to form a hotel and market in the main square of the Liverpool masterplan, a strange fusion of these forms is explored, twisted, extruded, and rescaled to form extravagant layers of experiment — a triple-corkscrew arched arcade, a double corkscrew columnar system, sprayed and twisted cellular shell roofs – within a somehow still Modernist typology to give an enriched and playful take on the modernist norm.

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