Pulling Over (Knitted Bus Terminal, Liverpool)

The experiments in knitting unlikely materials – washing lines and metal – and combining them with mirrors and extrusions generated a hallucinatory pavilion set in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, with a delicate Baroque-like plan extruded into a more abstract form, and lined with mirror and woven seats. In Semester 2, these tactics were analysed and separated into a series of component elements, representing a linear progression of public to private through perforation and rigidity, which come together to form the building: a functional bus terminal, integrated with a ‘knitted’ pullover structure, which extends from the building to form bus stop canopies. Within, different elements are chosen to inhibit or attract, using knitted wire mesh, sequenced blockwork, material formwork and knitted fibre reinforced structures. The new bus station is to be a celebrated point of arrival for the city of Liverpool.

Pavilion: elevationtall shot copy
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